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Catalyst for Self-Actualization  Brave Love Feminine Strength

It’s not just an email list.

I believe the highest form of respect i can give another is the unadulterated truth.

I believe the greatest compliment i can receive from another is “you inspire me”.

I lead from that perspective. launching soon
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Every time I speak with Kristin it is a breakthrough session. Whether it hits in just the right spot that it brings me to tears or not, I am always left with a clear purpose and passion that is focused, motivated and driven. The way Kristin intently and intuitively listens to then guide me in a way that penetrates so powerfully - I could only call this a gift...

Laura Wake in Key West, FL

Knowing how gracious she is, she would scoff at the idea that my destiny was anything but a result of my own choices, but when it comes down to it, she really was a huge agent of change in my life...

Emma K. in London, UK

"Working with Kristin has been nothing short of life changing. She uses wisdom and intuition to help you find creative ways around your biggest stumbling blocks and break communication patterns that aren't serving you...

Holly Corbett in NY, NY

One thing I can say is Kristin has a keen eye and laser sense for really seeing what’s inside a person. She just gets to the heart of a person in a way I’ve not seen before...

Brett McCoy in NY, NY