Catalyst for self-actualization

I believe the highest form of respect i can give another
is the unadulterated truth.

i believe the greatest compliment i can receive from another is “you inspire me”.

I lead from that perspective.


Gets to the Heart of a Person
"I met Kristin at a huge crossroad in my life where I was lost and upside down to say the least. One thing I can say is Kristin has a keen eye and laser sense for really seeing what's inside a person. She just gets to the heart of a person in a way I've not seen before. During the messiest of times, Kristin was always one of my biggest cheerleaders, full of encouragement and support for me to stay committed to finding my true happiness. Kristin was especially good at asking the hard questions that I sometimes had difficulty asking myself. I had been suppressing my truths and because of that I was living a life that made me miserable and unhealthy. I was spiraling down the rabbit hole of denial about being in the wrong career and married to the wrong person. It was Kristin who gave me the push I needed to admit things to myself that I just couldn't face before. She somehow knew things I was thinking or feeling by just reading the expression on my face or the tone in my voice. She easily found ways to bring it out of me to talk about it, and often reflect on it, which was something that no one has ever been able to do with me in the past. I'm a rugged Marine, turned Wall Street guy, turned Fitness Trainer - so it's saying a lot. I am now grateful to write from a much better place in my life where I'm finally in the right career doing what I love and getting married to a woman who's perfect for me. I finally feel that genuine happiness again. I have to admit a lot of this was as a result of knowing Kristin and her thankless commitment to helping a man on his redirected journey to happiness." - Brett McCoy NY, NY
A Huge Agent of Change
"I can honestly say that I don’t think I would be with my partner today if it wasn’t for the incredible guidance that Gracie gave me. Knowing how gracious she is, she would scoff at the idea that my destiny was anything but a result of my own choices, but when it comes down to it, she really was a huge agent of change in my life. Always confronting, but never judgemental, I felt a huge shift in how I reacted to my own thoughts, and others’ behaviour, thanks to her inquisitive, playful yet calming approach. Gracie was there supporting me through my most anxious moments of 2020, and cheering me on through the best. I am so lucky to have this incredible, wise woman on hand, and feel so fortunate to now count her as a friend as well as a guide." - Emma K. London, UK
I Could Only Call This a Gift
"Kristin is a Godsend! Every time I speak with her it is a breakthrough session. Whether it hits in just the right spot that it brings me to tears or not, I am always left with a clear purpose and passion that is focused, motivated and driven. The way Kristin intently and intuitively listens to then guide me in a way that penetrates so powerfully - I could only call this a gift. She always knows the right questions to ask and is spot on with recommendations. Kristin helps me realize things and connect dots that I might not have been able to see for myself. She has the passion, desire, and drive to help others transform their lives and take the right steps towards their vision of success, and does it extremely well. I am so grateful for her." - Laura Wake Key West, FL
Life Changing
"Working with Kristin has been nothing short of life changing. She uses wisdom and intuition to help you find creative ways around your biggest stumbling blocks and break communication patterns that aren't serving you. Kristin helped me become aware of what my personal boundaries are exactly, and then guided me on how to clearly communicate and protect those boundaries. Her guidance opened up a whole new way of being for me that has allowed me to stand more in my truth and, in turn, deepen my connections. Kristin's also gifted at helping you navigate your toughest relationship moments, and puts together the puzzle pieces that will spark an 'aha!' moment that can change the way you approach and interact with your loved one. The result is that both of you will feel more seen and heard.” - Holly Corbett NY, NY
Passionate About What She Does
"We have worked with Kristin on several projects over the last few years. One thing that is clear is she brings a diverse set of skills to the table and passionate about what she does. Our projects with her have ranged from a creative nature to a technical nature. We have been able to sync up creatively on all our design projects, often bouncing ideas off each other synergistically. Kristin also has a great understanding of technology and has a clear vision of how she will like to leverage it. She has been a true partner to us and has made our jobs easier while transcending the final product. Her diverse set of skills, vision and wonderful personality is very rarely wrapped into one person. I see Kristin as a key component to build a company around and a true professional." - Vincent Fatato Founder/President at Grey Box Creative
My Soul Has Been Hugged
"I met Gracie in Valencia, Spain, and feel very fortunate to call her a "friend.” Gracie was providing a workshop called: “Discovering Purpose Through Passion” to a group of about 20 women affiliated with the InterNations organization. Her workshop included discussion about having purpose in our lives, how our purpose evolves over our life time and how our purpose is personal and does not have to be grandiose or flashy. The workshop was also interactive; we engaged in easy writing activities allowing us to be self-reflective; some women were thinking about a new purpose in a new country at an older age. I was one of those women; I already retired from a professional career and raised children and now found myself in a new country at retirement age wondering what is next. It was energizing to be led by a genuine, articulate woman, and I felt satisfied with the exploration I engaged in during this workshop. Gracie leads by example; her attitude and outlook is realistic, positive and calming. I now enjoy cultured and intelligent conversations with Gracie and like the influence her presence has on me. We all have our story, and Gracie is no exception; she shares openly and honestly with heart. Our visits end with an open window, the breeze of potential fluttering out and in. I smile and feel that my soul has been hugged. I look foriward to our next connection." - Jo in Valencia, Spain
Finds Creative Solutions to Difficult Problems
"Kristin is the type of person capable of deep understanding and empathy. She excels at discovering the source of many internal issues that lead to stagnation and disappointment. She has experienced the depth of life's extreme challenges and joys which has given her the capacity to relate to it in others. She is a very positive, energetic, and inspiring person that finds creative solutions to difficult problems."