About you

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

- R.W. Emerson -

The "Checklist-life"

go to college … get a good job … meet “the perfect” (wo)man … get engaged … plan a wedding … buy a house … have a baby … live to work (not work to live) … drool over your ever-growing retirement account or stress over the non-existing retirement account that’s only made it as far as your to-do list.

if you. . .

make it to retirement, you attempt to travel or dust off that list of hobbies you’ve saved for one day … one day, when you realize your body just isn’t like it used to be. You wish to spend days with your children who are now adults with busy lives. 

and just before you die you wonder . . .

"why did I wait so long to live?"

Perhaps you...

. . . are right on track, checking off each box, yet you feel empty, bored, unfulfilled, or don’t even know what you’re feeling.

. . . feel like you’ve lost your edge, heart, power, or passion for showing up as you used to. Or maybe you never did but wish you could.

. . . know what you want but your confidence is at zero and your doubts are at 100.

. . . can’t seem to get off a merry-go-round of broken relationships and endless checking of the single box. The possibility of having a family is shrinking with each passing year.

. . . feel your life is good but desire to have a little more balance, fun, or adventure.

. . . have endured profound loss – maybe divorce, death, heartbreak loves, unexpected job loss – and just can’t find your way through the pain. You’re numb and empty and your faith is wavering. Your mind has become a hamster wheel of regret and what if’s.

. . . are the star of your small universe but at night you lie awake wishing you could duck out of the limelight, step away from the pressure and do something different.

. . . crave to make a difference in the world.

. . . battle massive ADD with a splash of anxiety – all due to having too many ideas with no idea of where to begin.

Whatever your truths are, perhaps it’s time to start exploring and reimagining “the rules” for answering the simple, yet often difficult, question of …

What do you want?

It’s not what do your parents, lover, friends, children, boss, employees, customers, or therapist want.

This is all about you.

Don’t know what you want? That’s okay too … we’ll get you there.

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