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Dec 2, 2021 – Feb 2, 2022

Fridays 17 – 20

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showing at The RW Studio in Valencia, Spain

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The Artist

Aiste Rackauskaite

(Nov 19, 1982 – June 1, 2021)

A multidisciplinary artist born in Lithuania and a vibrant woman who created a feeling of home everywhere she arrived and left a feeling of magic everywhere she departed. 


That magic remains in her artwork.

Living Prism of Light is a posthumous exhibition of Lithuanian artist, Aiste Rackauskaite. Aiste was last based in Barcelona after previously exploring and finding home in India, Peru, Scotland, and Ireland.
As you walk into the Living Prism of Light, you may become enchanted by the swirls of hues that playfully reflect themselves in the space, such as the color washed benches placed for a contemplative viewing. Momentarily, the brushstrokes turn into symbols and pathways while your human brain might search for a storyline. As you get closer to the details, figures may appear with a story to tell … if you let them.
The exhibition is a meditative trip that can be lived separately, looking at the details of each work, or from a greater distance, as a whole. Inspiration is often the key for unlocking the first, of many doors, to an endless journey within. In the words of Aiste … 

A painting is

a living organism

a universe – living its own life.

A voyage of the soul’s experience and flair.

In 2019, 37 year old Aiste was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which began her journey of fully trusting the flow of life. 

It was Aiste’s immersive presence with nature that took a weakening source of light in what most would consider the darkest of times, and turned it into a magical spectrum of colors – a living prism of light.  

Aiste gravitated towards nature for inspiration and for healing. She loved spending hours walking along the sea, taking in a fresh Mediterranean breeze. She could be found meditating in hidden green places of Montjuïc park, listening to the sound of birds while exploring various shapes of cacti and flowers. 

Much like her beloved flowers, Aiste decided to give it her all and blossom through her creative spirit and art work. Aiste was so full of abundant energy that she even found space within herself to host art therapy workshops where her healing was enhanced by the healing of others.

Living Prism of Light is a compilation of mixed media works on canvas, paper and carton. From Aiste’s home studio in Barcelona, these works were made between 2019 and 2021 and have not been shared outside of her inner circle of family and friends. 


It is our honour to carry her remarkable spirit forward through the first solo exhibition of Aiste Rackauskaite in Valencia, Spain – “la ciudad de la luz”.

The artist is present in the presence of their work. Aiste’s legacy is her work and the feeling of inspiration it will leave with you. She lives on in her brushstrokes of color, like some might live on through their children, sharing a condensed wisdom gathered over lifetimes. 


This exhibition is a present to the artist, from its curators, Gudrita Lape and Monika Rackauskaite, and with the assistance and support of Kristin Gracie of The RW Project.

Written by: Gudrita Lape  |  Edited by: Kristin Gracie

It's not just an exhibition, it's an experience.

This is just a sample of the works showing in the exhibition.

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