About me

I've been on the other side of where I am today

The side of desperately looking for those elusive things called inner peace, happiness, and true love.

Looking for answers in books, stories told by serendipitous strangers, deep philosophical quotes, lyrically rich songs. Relationships with men, get-me-out-of-here plane tickets, meditation loops, yoga taught by old wise women, courses on clearing blockages, chakras, and meridians. Superfoods for this, juices for that, and cleanses that do it all. Retreats to the sea, Ayahuasca in the mountains, Kambo in a stranger’s home. And even shallow articles promising to make a man fall in love with four words” (or was it six?!).

(Insert self-deprecating eye-roll here)

I’ve prayed to Gods and Goddesses, the Universe, Buddha, the man in the moon, angels, energy healers, and even Oprah. The list could go on and on. You name it … I’ve likely laughed at myself for trying it!

I’ve looked. 

I’ve waited.

I’ve paid. 

I’ve Hurt.

And I've lost

I’ve found.

I’ve leaped.

I’ve invested. 

I’ve Loved.

And I've won

I’ve won because I’ve mastered the art of turning loss into love.

The romantic in me calls it a journey.

The gritty truth-teller in me calls it a process.

A journey, and a process, that whipped me through the vast, and often gut-wrenching, cycles the human condition will press upon you in the face of living deeply open in truth and wonder.

I learned to flow with every twist and turn as I discovered it was the unexpected pivots that revealed the grit and grace of who Kristin Gracie truly is.

To discover more of who I am, you’ll find a living, breathing articulation of my inner world in my journal – Gracie’s Muse. It is through the powerful art of storytelling that I believe I offer you my greatest gift … to see or feel something of yourself through my words.





Not because I’ve been trained to be (which I have) but more importantly because I’ve lived to be. And in that living, I’ve gone to war with myself as each new experience left me with one thing.

A mirror.

Each mirror had a certain light to shine into the places of my being that needed healing, love or acceptance. And I’ve spent so much time in that damn mirror that I’ve become it for helping others do the same for themselves.


The philosophy I operate from is based on my belief, and experience, that true lasting transformation comes from a realization within (or as I like to say – “aha moments”), way more than a “guru’s” prescribed list of how-to-live-breathe-think-feel-love-be.


What you can, and should, expect from me is someone who will ask questions that will make you think. I will tilt the mirror towards the light, so it hits just the right spot for you to see what is there for you to see.


From there, it’s an organic, fluid process full of curiosity, exploration, humor and “aha moments” that will present choices for creating the kind of life you were told is just a dream … a waste of time … a wild imagination.


Everything we do will be guided by what is attainable and feels right for you.

Oh, and you just might find it exciting!

My intention is to create leaders of their own mastery, not followers of mine.

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