AN RW Salon

mingling interesting people with interesting conversation.

Up to 10 guests

Hosted by Kristin Gracie

at the RW studio in Valencia, Spain
Serving wine. beer, water and stimulating conversation.

In English with a Spanish translator.


Created in 16th century Italy, a salon is a social gathering held by an inspiring host. The heart of this gathering is for conversation to serve as a place to exchange ideas for expanding knowledge as well as amusement. These gatherings often followed Horace’s depiction of poetry: 

"either to please or to educate"

(paraphrased from the linked wikipedia page)

Becoming the Mistress

Ladies, this is for you if you’re wanting to reclaim your voice and strengthen your ability to ask for what you need to create what you want. Based on the book Unbound, written by Kasia Urbaniak, this will begin as a book club paired with salons for embodying what’s presented in the book. 

Beautiful Minds

‘Beautiful Minds’ is a series where we explore the inner world of creators, artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers … and basically anyone who’s brought an idea to life with purpose and passion. 

It’s not just an email list.

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The RW Studio

Located at Calle Cuba 25 in the vibrant barrio of Ruzafa in Valencia, Spain – the Mediterranean city of light, love, and flowers. 

The RW studio is a multi-purpose space where The RW Project – Renaissance Woman hosts salons, art exhibitions, and curated experiences.


(think:  interesting, fun, creative … salons, workshops, events … to feel, to think, to enjoy)

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