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Smart. Intuitive. Creative. Dynamic. Vast knowledge and skill-sets. Eclectic interests.

She is curious and believes anything is possible. Day-dreams often and lives in courageous pursuit of her heart.

She longs for clarity and purpose and wants her life to have mattered


Passion-driven and heart-centered. Often struggles with knowing how to act on what is calling her as she tends to feel pulled in many directions.

Sensual. Deep thinker and feeler.

Sophisticated but also fun and playful.

When she finds a woman of a like-mind and spirit, it becomes a cherished bond. Seeks connection and community.

Acclimates well to change and often creates it. Needs movement…maybe a little too much.

Avid reader and forever student.

Travel and adventure bring her home to herself. If she hasn’t done a lot of it, she dreams to.

Doesn’t fit into a box. If forced to live in one, she will break it…eventually.

From a young age, she often felt like a misfit amongst her family and friends who, at some point, likely dismissed her as dysfunctional, “too much” of something, or not enough of something else.

This created a fear of true intimacy and vulnerability. 

Struggles with focus, direction, and committing to one thing. She has likely diagnosed herself with ADD while others will brand her as “commitment issues”.

Her heart whispers what it undeniably wants, while her brain shouts to follow “the program”. They battle-it-out on a hamster wheel.

Love relationships can be a challenge as she craves raw intimacy and passion. If it’s lacking in a relationship she may suffer in silence or fight to stimulate.

And somewhere along her journey
a breaking point freed her to …
Dance her own dance.
sing her own song.
paint her own picture.
… write her own story.

And somewhere along her journey,

a breaking point freed her to

sing her own song

dance her own dance

paint her own picture

write her own story

what a Renaissance Woman needs

To believe in herself.
To feel empowered to create what is calling her.
To be apart of a community where she feels seen, safe, and celebrated.

The Project

It’s a space, an experience, a community, a thought experiment, an idea incubator, a creator, a guide, a teacher, a student – all laced together for a journey of unbecoming what is not, to become what is a Renaissance Woman.


For, we believe, it is Renaissance Women who will inspire and lead our collective humanity forward and up.

the how

Coming Soon. An online space created for guiding the journey of “unbecoming to become” in a way that feels accessible and light, while also connecting with others choosing a similar path as you. 


(think: courses + workshops + community with so much value, you’re happy to pay for it)

Located in the barrio of Ruzafa in Valencia, Spain – the Mediterranean “city of light, love, and flowers”, we host curated experiences and pop-up events.

(think: interesting, fun, creative, collaborations, salons, workshops, poetry nights, book club, to feel, to think, to create)

The RW Studio - Valencia

curated experiences

High-value experiences hosted in beautiful destinations that feel like a unique blend of what you would experience at a fun event, a rejuvenating retreat, and a transformational workshop.

(think: a spirit reset while on holiday)