Created from the heart and wisdom of a Renaissance Woman, The RW Project is a community led by conscious women, inclusive of men, who believe humanity will flourish when we listen to, value and celebrate “the shared x in all of us”.

We curate transformational workshops, host meaningful conversations, and cultivate genuine connections for strengthening our shared journey. It’s a unique blend of what you would experience at a fun event, a rejuvenating retreat, and a transformational workshop.


the shared x

Because that is where our power is.


Because that is where our strength is.


Smart. Intuitive. Creative. Dynamic. Vast knowledge and skill-sets. Eclectic interests.

She is curious and believes anything is possible. Day-dreams often.

She longs for clarity and purpose and wants to have made a difference.

Passion-driven and heart-centered but often struggles with knowing how to act on them as she tends to feel pulled in many directions.

Sensual. Deep thinker and feeler.

Sophisticated but also fun and playful.

When she finds a woman of a like mind and spirit it becomes a cherished bond. Seeks connection and community.

Acclimates well to change and often creates it. Needs movement.

Avid reader and student.

Loves to travel and seeks adventure. If she hasn’t done a lot of it, she dreams of it.

Doesn’t fit into a box and often feels different amongst her friends and family.

She has a hard time being vulnerable in fear of being judged for what makes her different. Fears can run her mind in circles.

Struggles with focus, direction, and committing to one thing. She has likely diagnosed herself with ADD while most will stamp her with “commitment issues”.

Her heart whispers what it undeniably wants while her brain shouts to follow “the program”. They battle it out on the hamster wheel.

Love relationships can be a challenge as she craves raw intimacy and passion. If it’s lacking in a relationship she may suffer in silence or fight to stimulate.

And somewhere along her journey, a breaking point freed her.

Freed her to dance her own dance, sing her own song, and write her own story.

Join the creators, the artists, the believers, the dreamers & the dancers