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The Idea

a window story

For the writers, the painters, the musicians, and the artists of any kind, creative energy multiplies when the human condition is pressed to its edge.


While our outside world is shut down, our inner worlds are stirring.


Not wanting to wait for things “to change”, Renaissance Woman is reimagining how to use the distance and the restrictions to curate experiences in the present moment.


On New Year’s Eve 2020, we opened a “window story” art exhibition in The RW Studio that will run until it ends (like what I did there ;). We’re featuring three elements – a painting, a writer’s musing, and a mini film documenting the creative process.


Focused on what we can do. Collaborating. Open and flexible to adapt. In a flow state. Choosing options with the most ease. We took an idea to a show opening in less than a month’s time.

An artistic metaphor for what’s coming

The writer

In the words of Kristin Gracie

Craving to welcome 2021 feeling empowered and inspired, a curious writer called on her surrealist muse to explore a question that centuries of women before us have sat with …

"what can we do while
all we're hearing is what we can't do?"

And so a seed was planted, begging to blossom something far bigger and far brighter than this lingering unfamiliar moment in time.


Eve is an artistic metaphor offering to take you from a routine passing (sharply focused on your planned journey) to stop and notice her.


Her – this mysteriously coy, yet vibrantly colorful essence sitting in the window tempting you to look closer and ask …

how does she make me feel?
who is she?
and what is her purpose?

There’s something about the presence she creates. 


Something new and refreshing. Yet something familiar and dark.


It’s as if she’s promising to reveal a secret to a universe you don’t even know exists, yet there’s an unidentifiable sense you’ve already been there.


‘Eve’ is a representation of all that is possible when the beautiful aspects of the feminine are listened to with adventurous curiosity and trusted without weighted hesitation.


It’s her intuition guided by her curiosity to feel, to touch, to create from a sense of freedom and ease and cooperation.

It’s a flow, it’s a dance, it’s a voice that resides deep in her heart longing to be heard.

Eve is a calling to transform the imposed limitations through the lens of opportunity to try something new, to reimagine what is possible, and to redefine how you make it possible.

photo credit: Alex Baker

photo credit: Alex Baker

The Painter

“What I’m aiming for is to record the emotions I have on the day … letting my subconscious talk through the brush by keeping only the brushstrokes I feel an immediate connection with, and rubbing away anything that seems out of place.


I can’t really plan beyond my two starting photos as everything needs to be an ‘in the moment’ response to each brushstroke.”

– Surrealist Painter, Bay Backner


73×116 cm oil paint and embroidery on canvas


Smart. Intuitive. Creative. Dynamic. Vast knowledge and skill-sets. Eclectic interests.

She is curious and believes anything is possible. Day-dreams often and lives in courageous pursuit of her heart.

She longs for clarity and purpose and wants to have made a difference.

Passion-driven and heart-centered but often struggles with knowing how to act on them as she tends to feel pulled in many directions.

Sensual. Deep thinker and feeler.

Sophisticated but also fun and playful.

When she finds a woman of a like mind and spirit it becomes a cherished bond. Seeks connection and community.

Acclimates well to change and often creates it. Needs movement.

Avid reader and student.

Loves to travel and seeks adventure. If she hasn’t done a lot of it, she dreams of it.

Doesn’t fit into a box and often feels different amongst her friends and family.

She has a hard time being vulnerable in fear of being judged for what makes her different. Fears can run her mind in circles.

Struggles with focus, direction, and committing to one thing. She has likely diagnosed herself with ADD while most will stamp her with “commitment issues”.

Her heart whispers what it undeniably wants while her brain shouts to follow “the program”. They battle it out on the hamster wheel.

Love relationships can be a challenge as she craves raw intimacy and passion. If it’s lacking in a relationship she may suffer in silence or fight to stimulate.

And somewhere along her journey
a breaking point freed her to …
Dance her own dance.
sing her own song.
paint her own picture.
… write her own story.

And somewhere along her journey,

a breaking point freed her to

dance her own dance

sing her own song

paint her own picture

write her own story.

The Project

It’s a space, an experience, a community, a thought experiment, an incubator, a creator, a guide, a teacher, a student – all laced together for a journey of unbecoming what is not, to become what is a Renaissance Woman.

For, we believe, it is a Renaissance Woman who will inspire and lead our collective humanity forward and up.

the how

Coming Soon. An online space created for guiding the journey of “unbecoming to become” in a way that feels accessible and light, while also connecting with others choosing a similar path as you. 


(think: courses + workshops + community with so much value, you’re happy to pay for it)

Located in the barrio of Ruzafa in Valencia, Spain – the Mediterranean “city of light, love, and flowers”, we host curated experiences and pop-up events.


(think: interesting, fun, artist collaborations, workshops, poetry nights, book club, to feel, to think, to create)

The RW Studio - Valencia

curated experiences

High-value experiences hosted in beautiful destinations that feel like a unique blend of what you would experience at a fun event, a rejuvenating retreat, and a transformational workshop.


(think: a spirit reset while on vacation)

Join the creators, the seekers, the artists, the believers, the dreamers, the Renaissance women.

As we cultivate and celebrate

Passion Presence Love Collaboration Creativity Purpose Compassion Transparency Confidence Sensuality Joy Heart Fulfillment Grit Compassion