'Tabula Impressa'

an evolving composition from pavement to canvas

by Francesca Ricci

multidisciplinary artist and writer

Hosted by The RW Project

It's not just an exhibition, it's an experience.

At the RW studio with Francesca Ricci

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The Artist

‘Tabula Impressa’ is a composite project of visual work and writing started in 2011 as a collaboration between Francesca and Kiril Bozhinov, writer and artist.

“The starting point is a collection of snapshots of signs taken by Kiril on the streets of London over several months. Those signs were marking impending engineering works; however, they spoke to us for their visual qualities and the landscapes they were creating according to the background they stood against.

Although we could not understand their functional meaning, these signs moved us and reminded us of something already seen somewhere, belonging perhaps to another alphabet, to an ancient cave painting, or a pattern in nature , or a Paul Klee painting for instance.
At the time, I was into reading Carl Jung’s writings, and I could see here an example of what he described as ‘collective unconscious’.

According to this concept, we are not born as a blank canvas – as Aristotle would state, tabula rasa – but we already carry inside of us elements of a communal, ancestral background.”

Francesca Ricci

Francesca Ricci is a multidisciplinary artist, and writer born in Florence, Italy now living and creating in Valencia, Spain.


multi-media works

Annuario/Yearbook 15, from the series Fondali transfer, ink and chalks on paper, 74x142 cm, 2018

The RW Studio

Located at Calle Cuba 25 in the vibrant barrio of Ruzafa in Valencia, Spain – the Mediterranean “city of light”. 

The RW studio is a multi-purpose space where The RW Project – Renaissance Woman hosts salons, art exhibitions, and curated experiences.

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