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My approach is more of a fluid, intuitive process than it is a prescribed technique. We will flow between questions, self-realizations, and aha-moments. I’m motivated by having an impact & seeing tangible results of someone moving forward as quickly, and effectively, as possible.

The RW Studio is located in the barrio of Ruzafa in Valencia, Spain – the Mediterranean city of

“light, love, and flowers”.


I host curated experiences workshops, collaborative art exhibitions, and all kinds of interesting experiences.


Located in Altea, Spain I have a cottage where I host select individuals for 1-to-1 coaching intensives.

My dream has always been to be the next Oprah with an added sprinkle of Ellen Degeneres’ playful humor. Whether it’s an intimate gathering of friends, or in front of an arena of strangers, I’m passionate about bringing my written words and imagination to life. 

From the wisdom of my journey, as a student and a teacher, I curate high-value collaborative experiences in Europe and the US.

I bring groups together for a unique blend of what you would experience at a fun event, a rejuvenating retreat, and a transformational workshop.

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