Whether or not you like the result of the election, your response is more indicative of what’s in your heart than what’s not in the heart of others. Every individual has a role in where we are. Every single one of us.

I didn’t vote for Trump nor did I vote for Clinton. I knew my vote wasn’t going to get the result I wanted and I showed up anyway. I showed up for what I want while accepting it may not come to fruition today but with every consistent effort I make – it will eventually result in a happy dance. Until then, I can only consistently show up in my truths for what I value.

I do want to challenge everyone to look in the mirror and really take stock of what energy you’re contributing to this conversation.

Yes, this is going to be one hell of a challenging period for not only the US, but the world, and we are here for many reasons.

Perhaps find your place in the narrative, or better yet create your place in the narrative, to get what you want? If you don’t have the stamina or commitment to do that then at least radiate something other than judgement and hate for others who wanted something different than you.

It’s called tolerance.

I’m seeing those who recited sound bites of things like “when they go low, we go high” now spewing venom and hatred about people they don’t even know. So let me ask you, was the whole “go high” bit so long as you got what you wanted?

The only thing that truly shocked me in the last 24 hours was Clinton not showing up to the Javits Center upon defeat to acknowledge her fiercely loyal and loud supporters. Was a defeat speech not prepared or did she just want to cut and run the very second her interests weren’t served? Ahhhhh yes … now that would be the true American way now wouldn’t it?!

Certainly stepping out to a stage conceding a loss to Donald Trump is no easy feat and I can feel for the agony that must have been but she signed up for this. To not see it through to the end where gratitude belongs is part of why Clinton lost.

A leader shows up regardless. A leader somehow finds the strength to keep a flickering light burning in the eyes of their tireless supporters after a gust of wind attempted to blow it out.

Consistency matters.

The truth of a person is seen in how one handles defeat as they do victory, sorrow as they do joy, loss as they do love. That’s when you’ll really know the truth of a person.

I challenge Clinton supporters to reflect on the fact that she didn’t even have the decency to show up to you last night and at least acknowledge gratitude to you, if no one else. You’ve been faithful and loud in your support. You waited up and waited. If I was a #imwithher I would’ve felt left in the dust of defeat. But that’s just me.

This isn’t to knock anyone but instead flip the script a little bit and call out some painful realities.

I may be the only hopeful human left on earth this morning, and you may roll your eyes at that, but at least I’m consistent in who I am.

To the ladies who feel disappointed today, I hope one day you come to see the honor of being the first female President did not belong to Hilary Clinton. That is being reserved for one who, at a minimum, can stand tall in who she is, can inspire through disappointment, and can remain focused on what her heart is called to do for humanity. Regardless of the outcome she wanted falling short.

Feminine leadership shines through adversity with resilience and courage to show up in whatever raw human form she is in.