… with a small town heart that beats in the city and skips for adventure. A man who likes his family as if they’re his friends and loves his friends as if they’re his family. 

who can rally around a backyard fire pit making a hoody sweatshirt look sexy, jamming on a guitar, with a beer at his feet and a smile that leaves me in a surrender. A man who will run the night with me with no worries of time.

who has a plan yet shows up to go with the flow. A man who values the moment he’s in rather than pining over those that have passed.

who kisses me so passionately it literally does take my breath away. A man who makes the butterflies dance in my belly.

who looks at me like he’s captivated by magic.  A man who’s language will speak louder to me through his eyes, his touch, his sleep, his presence and his absence.

who is sturdy in who he is, what he wants, and how he goes after it. A man who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable, if not to the world, then at least to me.

who laughs, dances, and wrestles it out with me. A man who’s ego is not bigger than his desire to make me happy.

who’s word is his bond and leaves me with no doubt of his word. A man who goes after life with steady hands and a quiet confidence.

who knows what he wants while appreciating what brought him to know what he doesn’t want. A man who sees his life as a garden that can only be as good as his tending to it.

who believes in something greater than himself yet doesn’t hide under a religious cloak. A man who doesn’t need to take all the credit and lives in gratitude for all of his successes as well as failures.

who shows up for the effort love, and all of his relationships, will require of him. A man who’s efforts to have my back never wavered for anyone or anything, ever.