Curated from the wisdom of my journey, The RW Project brings women together in a unique blend of what you would experience at a fun event, a rejuvenating retreat, and a transformational workshop.

This is something for all the women out there who feel overwhelmed or confused by the question “what is my purpose?” Maybe you don’t know what it is, or maybe you do, but you’re feeling stuck when it comes to actually living it.

I feel your pain because I spent a decade worshipping all the gurus as they shouted PURPOSE, PASSION, ACTION from the mountain tops. While those messages fully inspired me, I rarely heard anyone talking about what to do when you just don’t know. When I would start to figure it out, all I could hear were the voices, my own included, telling me to get real.

So I found that my purpose was packaged in the journey of not knowing. The long, twisty, road that’s been just as fun, as it’s been heartbreaking with more dead-ends than runways, was designed to build the woman I am today to help other women on their unique path.

It’s okay to not know, but while you figure it out, I have some things to share with you for getting clear on your purpose, a lot quicker than I did going it alone.

We will redefine a few words that I believe are at the core of our confusion as women of the 21st century … feminine, creativity, faith, courage, sexy, and freedom.

Every detail of this experience has a purpose for getting you out of your comfort zone and into a zone of truth. You will be amongst a community of women just like you looking for the same things you are – to feel connected to themselves, to something greater than themselves, and to each other.

Humans are not designed to go it alone and to that point I believe the power of the individual lies in the strength of their community.

In typical RW fashion, there’s always some fun and laughter to be had! At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than sitting around a table with a glass of wine (or 2 ;), connecting with humans who can relax in their truths and just enjoy some quality time.

I get social media has a grip on our lives but when you think about the times you’ve felt most alive, didn’t it always involve sharing it face to face with another human being? I’ve had some amazing times by myself – heck I dance in my living room with no one around – but none of it could beat experiencing it with another human being.