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I’ve been on the other side of where I am today

the side of desperately looking for those elusive things called inner peace, happiness, and true love.

Looking for answers in books, deep philosophical quotes, relationships with men, get-me-out-of-here plane tickets, meditation loops, courses on clearing blockages and chakras, miracle diet plans, cleanses, shallow articles on how to make a man fall in love with four words (or was it six?).

I’ve prayed to God, the Universe, Buddha, Angels, Energy Healers, and even Oprah. The list could go on and on. You name it … I’ve likely tried it.

I’ve looked. I’ve waited.
I’ve paid. I’ve hurt.
And I’ve lost.
But I’ve found. I’ve leaped.
I’ve invested. I’ve loved,
And I’ve won.

I’ve won because I mastered the art of turning loss into love.

The romantic in me calls it a journey. The gritty truth-teller in me calls it a process. I learned to respect it as I got to know myself through living – deeply, madly, honestly. As a result, I’ve discovered who I am, who I’m not, and what my non-negotiables are.

I’ve gone from fearing alone time to requiring it. At the same time, I’ve brought my daydreams and colorful imagination to life. Regardless of the challenges and heartbreaks, I’ve managed to keep it fun, and I’m so incredibly grateful for every bit of the wild ride it’s been.

I’m a Certified Health Coach, Mentor, Leader, whatever you want to call it.

Not because I’ve been trained to be (which I have) but more importantly because I’ve lived to be.

And in that living, I’ve gone to war with
myself as each new experience left me with one thing.

A mirror.

Each mirror had a certain light to shine into the places of my being that needed healing, love or acceptance.

The philosophy I coach from is based on my belief, and experience, that true lasting transformation comes from a realization within, way more than a prescribed list of how- to’s.

What you can, and should, expect from me is someone who will ask you questions that will make you think. I will tilt the mirror towards the light, so it hits just the right spot for you to see what is there for you to see.

It’s an organic process of getting clear, connecting the dots and adjusting your mindset.

Together we will create a plan to replace old behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs that are not serving you well with ones that will.

Everything we do will be guided by what feels right for you and is attainable with your lifestyle.


I offer complimentary 30-minute consultation to talk and see if we’re a good fit. From there I can assess a plan of action and what the commitment will need to be.


From the wisdom of my own journey, as both a student and teacher, I curate high-quality group experiences in the US and abroad. Events are designed with a focus on the value of authenticity, community, and adventure.


Whether it’s in a classroom of 30 or an arena of thousands, I live to share my perspective on life and business with the purpose of paying inspiration forward. My dream has always been to host Oprah’s content, on Tony Robbin’s stage, with a sprinkle of Ellen Degeneres’ humor and fun.

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